Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What does your little one sleep in?

Since becoming a mum, the thoughts that whirl round my head have changed. Before, it was filled mainly with work (deadlines, front pages to fill, reporters to chase), with a good portion spent on more frivolous matters - clothes, gym schedules, where to go for a slap-up meal. Now it is more: oh, god, what can I feed him now, when will that pink rash on his bottom disappear and where can we go now winter's set in and the park is a no-go?
The latest all-consuming thought at the moment is what to put the little man in to sleep now the temperatures are dropping. At the moment he is in a sleeping bag and, having interrogated all my mummy friends, this seems to be the consensus. But when he tries to stand, the poor chap gets caught up and I worry his arms are uncovered and get cold - so much worry, so little time.
So now I am thinking it is time to throw off another vestige of babyhood and invest in a duvet. But would this work? He tends to move about a lot when he sleeps and I often find his legs where his head should be when I check on him so would he just fling it off and be cold? The woman at Mothercare recommended introducing one at twelve months plus and reassured me that he would learn to cover himself up when he got cold but I can't imagine that happening for quite some time. That said the duvets do look cosy.
Sleeping bag, duvet, sleeping bag, duvet. Oh what the hell, he can come in with us and we will all be toasty warm.


  1. Hi there,
    You know I used to be a bag devotee (and G. still loves popping Rosie in her sleep sack) but my mom turned me on to what they call "sleepers" in the US. Exactly like footie pajamas, but made of fleece with traction added to the feet. Rosie sleeps in one of those over her PJ's and seems to be quite cozy. I got most of mine from Old Navy, which will ship to the UK.

    Hey, when are you going to post your felt playhouse?

  2. Thanks for that Nia. Funnily enough I have just gone and bought a walk-in sleeper from Mothercare and so far it seems to be doing the trick. It hasn't got that cold yet though and I can't help but compare our thick duvet (and electric blanket!) to his sleeper - will it be warm enough? I might get a duvet as a standby. Will post piccies of the felthouse asap!