Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Fancy a ciddle?

I have just invented a new word. Ciddle. A pleasing combination of a kiss and a cuddle. Lovely isn't it?
Okay - it was a bit of a flukey discovery coming about from a quick fire round of emails with a PR when I accidentally hit 'i' instead of 'u' and said I was looking forward to the little man having a ciddle with one of their latest fluffy products (more on that when it arrives).
But I rather like it now that it is out there and intend to adopt ciddle in our everyday family vocabulary - "Come over here son and have a ciddle with your old ma" - that sort of thing.
And the PR, tickled by my mistake, is adopting it too apparently. Perhaps I have inadvertently started a trend - come on everyone, get ciddling.


  1. It's great when you come up with new words, isn't it? I think Ciddle ranks up there pretty highly! Let's hope it takes off.

  2. I love how we managed to coin this word! Please make sure Shleepy gets lots of Ciddles!

  3. Dorset's Piddle Brewery sell Ciddle by the box...