Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Scrummy-wummy yums yums anyone?

I just love the feeling of life coming round full circle that you get when you have a child. It's the delight I get watching my little boy playing happily with the toys that I once took such delight in, or seeing my dad balance him on his knee for I'm the King of the Castle as he did 30-odd years ago with me.
Perhaps the most touching is hearing the little man's daddy gently singing songs to his son that he remembers his mum singing to him. When he wipes his hands after a meal, out comes the special rhyme and instead of tears and tantrums (having your hands scrubbed is not every toddler's idea of a good time) it becomes a fun game with smiles and laughter. There is a reason these things get recycled - they work.
And sometimes it is fun to start your own family traditions. We are coming up with some pretty mean dance routines; each of us developing our own special move. And while referring to wind (and I don't mean the meteorological kind) as windy puffs was great fun when I was five, we call them parpy pops in our house.
But using wobble-dobble to refer to dessert, as in 'Anyone for wobble-dobble?' was a touch of sheer genius by my parents that I don't think I can top. Or can I? Who's for scrummy-wummy yums yums?


  1. Ah! That's lovely....!
    And, yes, me and my daughter develop different sayings for different things...
    Bit rude perhaps, but even the private things, had funny names....Little boys thing'es were called, a willie..(Of course). And, a little girls, a foo-foo....My daughter is 36 now, and still calls them a willie and foo-foo....! :).
    And, dance, we used to dance to nearly every TV programme..Even Dallas.....We used to sit on the settee, and do 'Arms and Legs' in time to the music....Still watch repeats of it on Sky, AND, yes, you've got it....Do it on my own now...!
    (Keep taking the tablets Willie). :>).

    Greatest thing in the world be'in a parent....
    And, as l did it on my own for 13yrs.....Even better....!

    Believe me, when they grow up and settle down....It's great fun laughing about it...! :0).

  2. That's lovely. We used to put on a record and dance after dinner evey evening - with me on my dad's feet. Don't think he would appreciate me doing that now.