Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hold your nose - it's nappy time

The other day, I was busy changing the little man after a particularly potent nappy, and chatting away to his daddy as I did so. Halfway through the conversation, I turned around briefly to emphasise a point and found him pressed up against the window, his face wedged awkwardly out of the open fan light through which he was taking in great lungfuls of fresh air.
I don't know how long he had been like that, or what the neighbours thought, but it was quite a sight. I asked him what exactly he was up to. Apparently, the fumes from his first born were just too much for my six foot two husband. In fact, he told me through watering eyes, he didn't know how I could do it. Funny thing was, the smell hadn't bothered me, not one bit. Never has in fact. And I am sure I am not alone.
I won't go so far as to say I find the odour pleasant - that just sounds a bit too weird, but it is certainly not unpleasant. Actually, I will confess that I like it. This is my son who I love dearly, and anything connected with him, even something as yucky as poo, is alright by me. I am not saying his daddy loves him any less because he has to stand three metres away when the nappy comes off. It just seems that Mother Nature, having given us ladies the ability to give birth and feed our babies, has also provided us with an inbuilt resistance to even the most stinkiest of situations. Which is lucky really considering the number of nappies that need changing every day.


  1. Hope you don't mind....
    But, l must tell a quick story....Many years back my neighbours at the time...Rick and Bean, had four children...And, l used to baby sit if they wanted to go out...One evening l went round, as the wanted to go out.
    There was Jo who was six, Daniel, four, and Nathan who was two.....(Marie had'nt been born yet).
    Nathan...Had a habit of getting his baby-grow open, pulling his nappy off, and, waving it about....HaHa! Great fun....
    Few hours later....All asleep, l heard movement upstairs....Up l went, and sure enough, there he was, stood up in his cot, covered in...Guess what....How can a child that size do so much...!
    Did'nt bother me...I whipped him out the cot, into the bathroom, into a bath of warm water, and scrubbed him down...."Looook'in Goood"
    Got a clean nappy...Clean baby-grow from the airing cupboard....Nappy on....NOW! l decided to put the baby-grow on back-to-front....Poppers at the back....That was that....
    When Rick and Bean got home...Bean went upstairs...."What have you done to my baby, Willie" came the cry from above....
    AND....Ever since then, when Bean changed his nappy....She put it on Back-to-front....! :>).
    "Job Done" "Sorted".

  2. That's fantastic - love that story. Very impressed by your quick thinking. Sometimes a bath is just the only way to sort it!

  3. I can totally relate. My man doesn't cope with bad nappies and seems to have a weak gag reflex. Must be a man thing!

    1. Thanks for visiting. Will definitely check out your blog at www.nigglynoo.com