Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hot tubs, lie-ins and a good book

November is great in our household as both the little man's parents have birthdays, two days apart, so we always make a bit of deal of it. Which is why I haven't posted for a while - I have been having too much fun!
We booked ourselves into a fabulous spa hotel in the New Forest, a short drive away from home so we could drop off our toddler with his doting grandparents knowing that if there was a to-do of any sorts, we wouldn't be too far away to come to the rescue.

Our mission for the weekend was:
- to sprawl about on pool loungers and read frivolous fiction
- spend so much time in the hot tub that we turn into wrinkled prunes
- eat our own body weight in naughty food and then manage to squeeze in a dessert too
- have a conversation with each other giving our full concentration without the usual little distraction pulling at our sleeves
- hold hands

Well, all I can say is mission accomplished. We drank fizz booze in our hotel room, got dressed up for dinner to a lovely, not-too-posh French bistro and even had time to mooch around the spa shop trying out the expensive creams infused with essential oils just because we could. Heaven it was.
But I did miss the little man. Annoying that. Before, we would not have had a care in the world booking into a luxury hotel for a spot of pampering but we did miss the small scrap of life that has followed us around since he was delivered into our arms two and a half years ago. It means long haul destinations are out really. Couldn't be apart from him for a week or two, however alluring the idea of a trip to the glistening sands of the Maldives might be. So for the time being, this will do us nicely. A one-night freshen up where we remember what it is like to be just the two of us, knowing that we will be three again very soon. Perfect.
Oh by the way, if this all sounds too tempting, we booked in to the lovely Careys Manor in Brockenhurst. If you are there in about three months time, you might very well bump into me and the other half in our robes, snoozing on the heated stone relaxation beds. Kindly do not disturb.


  1. Oooh sounds super. Lucky you. Nothing like getting away for a bit of 'we' time.

    1. Yes was rather nice. It reminded me about the posting of your trip away - the pull of being in a couple and being in a family.

  2. Replies
    1. It was rather. Thanks for commenting. x