Friday, 26 August 2011

Loving those toys

From time to time, PRs send me toys to review. I don’t know whether the little man simply loves toys and would play with an old sock if it was left in front of him, but everything we get goes down a storm. And our most recent offering was no exception, although this time I think P was even more excited than his son. 

First through the post was a fabulous set of tools from Rubbabu. I had spotted these in the shops a while back and thought how sweet they were then. The tools are made of natural foam with soft velvety handles in bright colours. They are ideal for chewing (and doing the odd spot of DIY round the house) and come in a handy bag to keep them in. This little kit costs £15.95 (tool set 4 pieces), go to PlayMerrilyToys

Rubbabu do a whole range of foam toys, from little cars to some great looking puzzles. I love them because I can leave the little man playing with them and not worry he is going to choke or bash himself in the head.
Next through the door was a small wooden guitar from Sevi. P plays the guitar and the little man always makes a beeline for his in the corner of our living room. Now he has one of his own which stands rather sweetly next to his daddy’s. The guitar costs just over £30 but is worth every penny in my opinion. It has proper pegs and strings that we attempted to tune and are not far off the right notes although not necessarily in the right order. The little man now goes straight for his own guitar and is happy doing Brian May impressions until the cows come home, or at least until Postman Pat starts up his daily rounds. Visit


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  1. I seriously want that guitar...