Sunday, 7 August 2011

That's entertainment

My last post rather centred around myself and P – with the star of the show happily tucked up in bed while parents ran around panicking and firemen trooped through his little home. While it was nice that Fate sent us a fire so I could have something to write about for my first ever posting (and thanks for that Fate) I would prefer, from here on in, to concentrate a little more on motherhood and the top parenting tips I come across now and then, rather than my abysmal attempts at gourmet cuisine. 
So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you a feature I have recently written for the parenting website Emma’s Diary. With the little man having speeded past his first birthday, and acquiring new skills at an equivalent rate, I began looking into the best ways to keep him entertained and inspired. Here are some of the quick tips I discovered. For the mums and dads among you, hopefully there will be one or two to take away and try. If you like what you read, click here to read the full article.
- Lie your baby in a blanket with you and your partner holding opposite ends. Gently begin swinging her from side to side. She should take delight in the feeling of weightlessness and it will also teach her about trust.
- Bubbles will be a source of fascination during the first few months. Sit her in a bouncy chair, high chair or when she is out in her pram and see if she will catch them.
- 'Put-in' and 'take-out' toys are great at this age. Fill a container with different objects, such as an old mobile phone, a small rubber duck, a piece of felt or a rattle and help her take out and explore the objects. Show her how to put them back again.
- Building a tower can be great fun at this age. Gather together old cereal boxes, plastic bowls, baby blocks and lightweight books and work together to build a tower. She will love watching it fall down too.  


  1. Brilliant tips - Frog loves bubbles, towers and treasure boxes. In fact, one of her favourite "toys" is an empty box of tissues with various coloured material tucked inside. She loves to empty it and push the scraps back in again. And a very cheap form of entertainment too!

  2. The tissue box is a great idea. Now all I need is to pick up a cold so I can get through ours and transform it into his latest toy.