Friday, 23 March 2012

Careful now

When you become a mum, you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over, like 'Do you want a drinky?' or 'Please eat it - for mummy, please?'
The little man has his favourite words. Top of the list is star, followed shortly by heart and square and triangle - can you see a theme appearing here? Mummy and daddy are also getting more popular which is rather nice but I can imagine might wear thin when it is followed by ...can I have?
My overused word of the moment is 'careful', as in 'Be careful on those steps' and 'Careful - that's a bit high isn't it?' or just 'Careful' if I am running short of time. I should think it is a word that echoes round most households with little ones, especially if they are of the little boy variety - or does that go for little girls too?


  1. Yes...It does....!
    I raised my daughter on my own, since she was five years old...Then off to Uni, at eighteen...!
    Mind you she's thirty-six now.
    She was very clever....Never an 'l want' child.
    If she saw something she liked..She'd say, "What do you think of this Daddy" or "Do you like the colour". Knowing full well, l'd get it for her...
    Ah! Good days.....I'd do it all again...Great fun. At least l could go in for the Fathers, and Mothers races on school sports day....! :>).

  2. Sounds like she had you just where she wanted you - as all good daddys should be! Wow - that's impressive you raised her on your own. It must have been a very special time. Were you the only dad you knew doing that?

  3. Yes....In fact it was 1981. At the time there were 100's of single parent ladies...
    But, only seven, single parent Dad's. And, that was in the Dorset area alone.
    Fathers were not granted custody, so much in those days. It was unknown of....Children always stayed with their Mums. But....I'm a Sicilian...And, no one takes anything away from me that l love....Had a bit of a battle, l kept it amicable, and, won the day, so to speak. Blood is Blood....AND....I'd die for her....!
    Family is a wonderful thing. Only had the one....But, this house was always full of kids...In fact...Some Mums used to ask me if l wanted to adopt their children....As, they spent more time at my house than theirs.
    I was very involved with the school to....Great time....!
    Sorry, l'm waffling.....!
    I do like reading your Blog from time to time......I do have a funny little Blog to...Though l'm not the author....If you click onto pussy-cat George...Up on the left there, think it'll take you to my profile then Blog.....! :0).

  4. Thanks for supprting my blog. Yours look fun. Cats are great aren't they?