Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Two wheels or three?

We are feeling guilty. The little man doesn't have a trike yet and now all his friends are reaching their second birthdays and graduating from three to two-wheelers (more on that later) and here is our boy with not a wheel to his name - it's wheely sad (sorry).
So his daddy and I decided to have a look at what's out there. A friend has kindly offered her children's old trike but it is very big and very red and, while it is great for the back garden, we would like something that he can peddle around on indoors and that can be packed up and flung in the car boot when we go to places.
As usual, John Lewis came to the rescue, with the ingenious Tiger Scuttlebug, that is not only inspired by his most favourite of stripy animals, but it handily folds down into nothing and, according to my husband, has a fantastic suspension on it. We were sold.
But then, should we go straight for the two-wheeler? Instead of mucking about with stabilisers, kids these days are zooming about on balance bikes, a special training bike that teaches the rider to balance and steer. There are no pedals or chains, and you can get them with or without brakes (the first I think, pipes up paranoid safety-first-above-all-else mummy from the shop corner). The idea is to progress from walking the bike whilst sat on the saddle, to running or scooting still on the saddle and finally to lifting the feet and cruising whilst balancing all at the same time - the clever little things.
I like this idea and it is a strong contender for the second birthday looming in the near distance. However, I will NOT be getting the Team Kiddimoto Bike.

It might be wooden but a motorbike's a motorbike and that's just putting ideas into his head. No, much better is the lovely Union Jack Kurve Bike also from Kiddimoto - a far more patriotic choice.
We'll have him on it and buzzing around like a young Chris Hoy before you can say 'Oh no, the Olympics are here'.


  1. Love this post, we're in exactly the same position with a 2nd birthday in May. I was looking at the Scuttlebug and 4 wheeled Scramblebug but the reviews put me off, because a lot of people said they're too small for 2 yr olds, so just this weekend looked up balance bikes - have you seeen this really cute Captain America one, I was a it'sljust a v pretty bike with stars on it! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Captain-America-Balance-Scooter-Learning/dp/B0068RSB0A

    1. I LOVE that Captain America balance bike. We are still undecided whether to go straight for two wheels or try out three wheels first. Really like your blog by the way. Lovely wedding pics and am going to buy What the Ladybird Heard - the little man loves ladybirds so looks perfect.