Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Young love

I have always found it rather amusing how babies and toddlers can be playing right next to, or even on top of each other but remain completely focused on what they are doing as if no-one else is there.
The little man has always been independent this way, showing no interest in interacting with children his age (he is mildly interested in older children but not much) and keeping them all at arm's length, quite literally. If one comes too near, he will hold out his hand full stretch to ensure they don't come any closer. That is until Lucy came along.
Lucy is two weeks younger and I have been firm friends with her mummy since we met weighing our little babies at the local community centre. It has taken a while for the love to blossom between them, although as the lady in the relationship, Lucy has always taken the lead showing her affection.
It began with her following him around, shouting his name and trying to feed him breadsticks. It was very sweet to watch as she tried to look after him, like a proper little wife. He wasn't keen for the attention but, lured by the promise of food, he tolerated her efforts at domesticity. Lucy has always been a quick learner and clearly she had already clocked that the quickest way to a man is through his stomach.
Then the little man began talking about her, even given her a cute nickname - Lucy-Lou. He would call it out when we were visiting somewhere we had previously been with Lucy and her mummy, and say it as we got close to their house.
So the other day, we took them on their first proper date - to the sealife centre at Weymouth. While they spent most of the time running up and down the small grass hills, and a disappointing amount of time looking at the wildlife we had paid to see, they were simply happy in each other's company. They danced to the music in the cafe, stood side by side to watch the penguins being fed, and the little man didn't even mind the occasional cuddle with his Lucy-Lou.
She just needs to bake him a cupcake or two and he is all hers.

Bonding over penguin feeding time

Dancing together at the cafe


  1. Lovely....Absolutely Lovely.....
    You know..Not so many years ago, in the villages back in Sicily...Children, especially neighbours,
    who grew up together, would finish up marrying, and, starting a family. As you can marry at 14 in Italy.
    I have one cousin, who had 18 children, another who had 14. Two uncles, who had 14 between them.
    Overall....I have 8 first cousins, 12 second, and 4 third....(That's up to...to-day...11:15). It's one hell of a family.....

    And, l just had the one...! But, like anyone child...I'd die for her...She's 36 now...But, still remember all the good times, the house is full of memories....Great....! :).
    Oh! and, a Grandfather who died aged 106...

  2. Wow that IS a big family. My grandma was one of thirteen and I thought that was a lot.