Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Be prepared - muddy puddles

Becoming a parent is such a huge learning curve and sometimes I wonder when exactly I will have it all sussed. Take the other day for example. I want to be the kind of mother that, when out and about, has everything for all eventualities. Pack of pocket tissues for a runny nose - tick. Tupperware box of snacks if hunger starts to bite early - tick. Waterproofs and wellies (plus thick socks to stop them constantly flying off when on the swings or being carried) - tick. Well yes, tick to the last one except the other day, I left it all in the car and let the little man sprint off to a play park in expensive leather shoes and tracksuit trousers. Very absorbent tracksuit trousers.
While other parents were happily watching their offspring jump about in puddles safely ensconsed in head to toe raingear, I was running around after him desperately trying to stop him getting wet and explaining that he couldn't jump in the puddles as he didn't have his wellies, or rather his mother was stupid and had not thought to put them on. It wasn't raining in my defence, and I hadn't reckoned on what all that blinking rain over Christmas might have left in its sopping wake.
In the end I gave up and let him splash about to his heart's content and when we did eventually return to the car he was thoroughly soaked through, especially as he had decided to sit down in one of the waterholes, giving his nappy the ideal opportunity to display just how absorbent it can be when put to the test. Well done Pampers.
I hated trying to stop him having fun, and it was all the more galling when I had the blasted stuff in the car. In theory I was the organised mother of my dreams - prepared for puddles - I just hadn't followed it all the way through.
So my New Year's Resolution is to be more prepared, and when I am prepared, don't ruin it all by not thinking things through. Oh, and always have a towel in the car for drying off soaking wet little bodies.


  1. I always think it would be sensible to pack a little box of useful items in the boot of the car, but I never get round to doing it

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I have been meaning to put a first aid kit in the car ever since going on a course, but still haven't done it yet. New Year's Resolution!