Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My new best friend - jeggings

On Saturday, as excitedly anticipated in my last posting, I hit the shops.
Childless, with credit cards burning holes in our pockets, my fellow mummy friend and I did our best to boost the economy, and our wardobes.
Being 15 weeks pregnant, buying "normal" clothes might seem to you a little bit like madness, seeing as a burgeoning bump would make them all but useless for the best part of half a year (or more depending how quickly I lose the dreaded baby weight). I might have once agreed, but that was before I came across the wonderful invention that is the jegging. Take the humble leggings (which I love and wear far too much), cross it with a pair of jeans and there you have it - trousers that look like denim but are stretchy and just so so comfortable. Okay, so the pair I chose from M&S looked dreadful on the hanger, with an extremely unflattering elasticated waistband that did it no favours, but once on they were a dream. And as I am hardly likely to be donning a crop top in my condition (I refer to age as well as baby), the offending waistband will always be safely hidden under a top.
Here is the pair I got:

Pull On Denim Jeggings
Pull on denim jeggings from M&S, priced £19.50

Although they might not bear the strain for the entirety of the pregnancy, these trousers are a perfect compromise for now and I can see them fitting perfectly for after the little one arrives which is value for money you can't argue with.
I couldn't resist buying a few things for the little man too - stripy socks, vests (can't have too many of these in my opinion) and a cute pair of thermal pyjamas with stars on, his favourite. We also managed to fit in a very civilised lunch and a much-needed afternoon pot of tea with large slice of cake on the side. Although we didn't have to, it ended up that we both got back in time for bath and stories which was rather a nice way to round the day off. A bit of me-time, a bit of mummy-time. Perfect.


  1. I've yet to discover Jeggings although I did make a very late life discovery of leggings in the later stages of my pregnancy - and now I can't stop wearing them!

    Your day out sounds lovely. x

    1. Thanks for your message. Yes, I never thought I would be a leggings person but turns out I am! x

  2. leggings and jeggings are must haves during pregnancy! Glad you had a great day :)

    1. Thanks for your message. Yes, am stilling loving the jeggings!