Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Any cures for a cough?

The little man has been a bit under the weather recently. It came on just before the weekend, cancelling a visit to the grandparents and a rare Friday night out. At its worst, his temperature shot up which was the most worrying although Calpol and Nurofen did the trick and he was soon back from the firey brink. I must add at this point how relieved I was that I had paid that bit more and invested in one of those digital in-the-ear thermometers the doctors use rather than perservering with the forehead sticks that I never seemed to get the hang of. If you are in any doubt as to what to get, I recommend the Braun ThermoScan. Totally worth the extra pennies.
He has been left with a runny nose and a horrible cough that just heaves his little body constantly. He has always suffered from coughs, an inevitable after-product of any cold - and they go on for an age. Having dropped his daytime nap, he is back to having a two-hour sleep, as he is so exhausted by constantly coughing.
It can be so frustrating as there seems to be very little you can do about a cough.I am adminstering Calpol and cough medicine periodically and I have invested in some Manuka honey that an assistant at the local health shop said worked with her children although he doesn't seem to like the taste (and a drop of that ain't cheap I tell you). I am going to try sitting him in a steamy bathroom later this evening to see if that eases it. In the meantime, if anyone has any top tips on eleviating a bad cough, they would be most welcome.


  1. Dr Willie here...! :).
    Yeah! Sorry the little man's not so good...And, this weather's no help...
    I remember as a child, and, in turn, when bringing my daughter, from my Mum's ways, that steam/moisture is the thing to help.
    A vaporiser is good to have at home...
    Hot shower...Again the steam will help to soothe a cough...
    Plenty of liquids, breaks up the mucus in the throat...
    And...The good old cough drop, or hard candy...
    And, lots of hugs of course....!
    And, no smoking....HeHe! :>).
    Hope he's better soon......Take Care....

  2. My two, when younger always seemed to have coughs over the winter months so I remember well how your little one has been. I can't actually think of much more than you or Willie have already tried or suggested. All I can say is we now have very few coughs, they seemed to have grown out of it at 8 and 9. And yes I have that ear thermometer and it is well worth the money. Hope he improves soon.

    1. Thanks for your message. That's reassuring that he will hopefully grow out of them. xx