Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I'm somebody's mummy

For the past few months, as the little man has gradually increased his vocabulary, I have waited in anticipation for the day he finally calls me mummy. First came "mamama", then rather strangely he started calling me "miss". I don't know why this came about but the closest explanation I can make is that he heard others calling me Alice, took the last part, added the m for mummy and came up with his own, rather formal version.
But yesterday, he mastered mummy, and having got that sorted, he said it over and over. At one point, he looked over at me, pointed his finger and said "it's a mummy" and he was quite correct. And I have to say, I couldn't get enough. Having this tiny chap calling me his mummy filled me with a warm glow. I am somebody's mummy and that's a rather important job isn't it? Hope I'm up to it.

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