Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Loving the ciddles

A while back I was talking about my new invented word - the ciddle, a lovely combination of a kiss and a cuddle all wrapped up in one. Well since then I have been getting a lot of ciddles. While the little man was a baby he was showered with my kisses and I would get none in return. However, since becoming a toddler he has taken it upon himself to show his dear old mother how much he loves me with lots of cuddles and lots of kisses - you know, ciddles.
As you can imagine, after months of feeding, nappy changing and generally slaving after him, I am lapping up this unexpected attention - a lovely sloppy reward for all my hard work. And as I know I will be lucky to get a peck on the cheek by the time he reaches his teens I am making the most of it. He hasn't quite got the hang of kissing yet, opening his mouth wide and pressing it to my face while his little arms wrap around my neck but nothing brightens my day quicker than a ciddle from my kiddy, however slobbery it might be.

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