Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Take my money Mothercare - please

I love Mothercare. I always get a little thrill of excitement walking through the automatic doors and finding myself surrounded by aisle upon aisle of adorable baby things. When I was pregnant, a might have even blubbed quietly but that was probably the hormones. So rumours that it is struggling sadden me. Unfortunately, recent experience has highlighted it could perhaps be doing more to dig itself out of any financial hole it is in at the moment.
As you might have read from previous posts, I have been trying to decide what to put the little man in when he goes to sleep. After much debate, I have opted for a walk-in sleeper which is basically a padded sleep suit that you pop on over a cotton sleep suit. Mothercare has some fantastic ones and I bought a lovely version with a little digger on the front. At £16, I was reluctant to stock up on bigger sizes until I had tried it out first and bought just the one for 12 to 18 months. It worked a treat so I returned to invest for the winter but the next size up is out of stock and the friendly girl behind the counter couldn't order any more. Why not? If you are struggling to make sales Mothercare, why is it you can't get enough of the popular stuff that sells out and, what's more, why can't you see that mums and dads will want warm things for their little ones when it is cold outside and not the t-shirts and thin cardies you are filling up with ready for spring in several months time? I wanted to hand over my money and you wouldn't take it.
Admittedly, I should have been more on the ball and got the winter things in the summer, and the summer things in the winter but when your head is full of 100-things-I-must-do-before-he-goes-to-bed, planning ahead can be difficult.The same goes for fleeces - I discovered the last remnants tucked away in a corner and, having learnt my lesson, took the lot.
Determined to spend my money with Mothercare, I called up a couple of weeks later for an update on the walk-in sleeper situation. Still no joy, so I wondered if any other stores might have the size I was after and, if so whether it could be shipped over to my local branch. Instead of offering to ring around and find out, the perfectly nice assistant said I could try and happily ended the call without making a firm sale. So I did her job and rang around. One store refused to deliver in between stores, besides which they couldn't take payment over the phone (again, why?) and they were out of stock anyway. Finally, I found a store that had one left and the lovely lady agreed to have it delivered to my nearby Mothercare. It would take a couple of weeks but I had won.
So they managed to get my money in the end but I needed a long lie down and strong cup of tea to recover from my uphill battle - who would have thought spending money was so exhausting?

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